Gunge Tank Hire

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Gunge has always been present in Television and Film. The staff at Gunge Tank HireĀ  have built up a good reputation and knowledge in this field. The size of your show / production makes no difference. We will be able to supply the equipment needed. This will add some fantastic looking gunge to put a boost on your ratings. We believe people like to see others being gunged and we like to make this reality as much as possible.

Gunge started out in TV shows like Double Dare, Tiswas and You Can’t Do That on Television (YCDTOTV). Nickelodeon invented their own Slime recipe and still use it to this day, especially on The Kids Choice Awards.

Looking back at the 1990’s; Gunge was a huge hit with shows like Noel’s House Party (BBC), Fun House (CITV) and Get Your Own Back (CBBC). This created TV legends such as Noel Edmonds, Pat Sharp and Dave Benson Phillips.

Dick and Dom brought Gunge into the 21st century with their show ‘Dick & Dom in da bungalow’ (CBBC). This was a massive hit with youngsters. They called Gunge ‘creamy muck muck’ which quickly caught on.

In today’s television, you can still see Gunge on Keith Lemon’s Sketch Show and I’m a Celebrity, Get me out of here.

Gunge Tank

We are proud to be the official suppliers for Gunge Tanks for TV and Film. We are looking forward to being able to work with you. Our Gunge Tank is unique and holds an astonishing 95 litres of Gunge. We are able to cover your victims in a deluge of thick slime.

Unlike some of the recent television shows, we always guarantee our Gunge to be thick and with a slurry like texture. We believe that the consistency of gunge makes all the difference.

Hire a Gunge Tank for your show / production, you won’t be disappointed.

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