Do we need a user account?

No, you don’t ‘need’ a user account, but there is a lot more content for those who are logged in.

All user accounts are free and it will unlock so many more options for you.

If you are booking with us, we do ask that you register for an account as all billing / invoices are done in the backend system so that we can assign it to your user account.

I don’t know which account to choose

Our user accounts are broken down into 3 levels.

Customer: This is for people who are booking us for a private event

Event Organiser: This is for people who are booking us for a public event

TV / Film Crew: This is for people in the media industry ONLY. Your details will be checked against production

Who are you?

Gunge Tank Hire Ltd.

We are the official suppliers of gunge and gunge related products to the Film and TV industry.

Our company registration number is 10541342 and we are registered in England and Wales.